Week of Jan 6 Skimail

NEWS FROM LAST WEEK!  We “hit the ground skiing” on the first day back from break last week and followed it up with a second meet 2 days later with great success for our Varsity skiers who raced at the Nation’s largest HS nordic meet- the Giant’s Ridge Invite! Please see our website for the results of both of these meets as well as pictures and picture galleries of the event(s). 
Congrats to our first-time classic race Rookies for their finish on Thursday at Valleywood!  (Girls) Ella Raiche, Ellyn Engels, Katheryn Moening and Elsie Dahnert. (Boys) Aiden Regan, Matthew Hendricks, Mason Ertel, Sam Rhodes, Pete  Rhodes and Ben Baker.
Congrats to the Overall Valleywood 5k Classic Meet Champions- (Girls) Brianne Brewster and (Boys) Hayden Zoll  and (Girls) third place overall finisher Grete Engels- we are proud of you! Results  
Giant’s Ridge Invite team finishes – Girls were 14th and Boys were 18th overall of the 58 teams represented. Top finishers were: Grete Engels was 18th overall in the girls 5k Classic. Bri Brewster finished 2nd Overall in the Girls 5k Skate.  Doug Swenson finished 37th overall in the boys 5k Classic and Hayden Zoll finished 22nd overall in the 5k Skate. 
(1) OUR SSC CONFERENCE  5k SKATE MEET SCHEDULED FOR THIS TUESDAY, JAN 7th AT MURPHY-HANREHAN  HAS BEEN CHANGED TO THURSDAY JAN 9th AT HYLAND BEGINNING AT 4:00PM   (also, since Hyland has a lighted course, we can start the meet later and this reduces time missed at school) 

Girls Varsity 4:00
Boys Varsity 4:20
Girls JV 4:30
Boys JV 4:45
Skiers will be released from school on Thursday at 2:15pm on Thursday, Bus at Kenwood at 2:30. HS Skiers will still need to coordinate transportation to Kenwood from the High School. 
(2) OUR TRUE TEAM MEET FOR SATURDAY, JAN 11th HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO BE OUR SSC CONFERENCE SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIPS. Race will still be at Valleywood beginning at 9:30am-  exact bus times will be announced and posted on our website latewr this week. There will be different start times for Varsity and JV races due to Sprint “heats” needing course space. The meet was changed due to the fact that our SSC Skate meet was moved to Thursday from Tuesday and prevented sufficient recovery time for a pursuit race that was planned with the True Team.
(3) We are entering one of the busiest times of year between skiing and academics. As  semester 1 comes to and end and finals approach on Jan 16th and 17th, skiers need to be particulary disciplined with their time use and nutriotn and rest/sleep. Extra free time will be greatly limited over the next 2 weeks and the importance of “planning and preparing ahead” will be critical. Skiers will need our help mom and dads making sure they are not procrastinating work, not eating well or sleeping sufficiently. I have coached skiers for 22 seasons now and  although this is a tough stretch in the season, the progress and growth is typically at it’s best for those who take care of planning ahead, please don’t let last-minute “emergencies” due to poor planning or insufficient communication derail your success.  Missing practice due to an “emergency” due to lack of planning ahead or communicating is not excused- please avoid creating emergencies for yourself.
(4) Practice on TUESDAY, JAN 7 WILL BE at HYLAND, but we do NOT have a bus. Skiers will need to coordinate getting a ride or sharing a ride to meet there at 3:30 finishing at 5:00pm. 
(5)  FINAL TURN- INS FOR COUPON CARD IMPACT FUNDRAISER is MONDAY, JAN 6th.Please bring in your collected payments and unsold cards to practice tomorrow to  turn in- THANK YOU!
Summary of Week: 
Monday: Skate at Kenwood. Strength Training. Impact Card Fundraising final turn-in.
Tuesday: Skate and Classic at Hyland. 3:30-5:00pm. 
Wednesday: Skate and Waxing at Kenwwood
Thursday: Skate Meet V and JV and MS  at Hyland
Friday: Skate or Classic at Kenwood. Waxing and Team Dimner at Kenwood
Saturday: Meet at Valleywood V and JV 
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