Week of January 20th, 2020

We survived Finals week  with a meet and a “dry pocket” snowstorm! Unfortunately,
the Rennet meet was cancelled due to the storm, but plenty of action
ahead this week. Championship Meet season  begins this Friday! Read

Thank you to all our Parents who worked as volunteers at our host meet
at Hyland on Tuesday, the 14th! Many positive reviews from our timer
and the other teams- it went great!

Our next HOST meet is THIS FRIDAY, Jan 24th at 4:00pm  for the 2020 JV
SSC Conference Championships at Hyland. I encourage JV parents to be
there if possible.  Please, help us out if you are able!

Practices/Events this week:

Monday, Jan 20th: Practice at Terrace Oaks West Park, Burnsville
2:30pm. Skate. No classes, no bus. Kenwood will be open all day. Get
in touch with a teammate or teammate family if you need a way to get
Location: http://www.burnsville.org/Facilities/Facility/Details/Terrace-Oaks-West-48

Tuesday: Practice at Kenwood regular time. Varsity will wax for
Wednesday meet after skiing. JV will do strength training after
skiing. Varsity strength training after waxing.

Wednesday: Varsity meet at Valleywood. Team Sprints. 3:30pm.  Varsity
only Early Release time 1:36pm. Bus at Kenwood at 1:50pm. Load and
leave for Valleywood. JV will practice at Kenwood at 3:15pm Classic,
prep for Conf Championships Classic 5K meet on Friday.

Thursday: Practice at Kenwood regular time. JV will practice Classic
race starts and wax for their Conf Champs race.  Varsity will do a
recovery ski workout.

Friday: JV early release at 1:50pm, bus at Kenwood at 2:20pm. JV
Championships Meet at Hyland, Classic 5K. Girls 4:00pm, Boys 4:20pm

Saturday: Varsity Practice at Wirth Park. 9:00am . Details to follow.
Classic and Skate – SSC Varsity Conf Champs preview. Wirth Park may
provide reduced price passes for our team.  Waxing at Kenwood in the
afternoon (tentative start time 2:00pm)

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