SSC Conference Championships!


Conference Championships Race 2020

Monday, Jan 27 Wirth Park 

Roster (below)

Reminders/Notes: This is a 2 – Race day (2 x 5K) with 3 hours between each race- being physically and mentally prepared is very important!  Hydrate well continuously for 24 hours before, not in the last 3 hours only; spread it out throughout this time period.  Think positive! Anticipate yourself feeling great, having a GREAT DAY! Ready and enthusiastic for your race! Team Spirit!!

PACK the night before (Sunday) DO NOT wait until Monday morning.  Include: 

  • Hearty and satisfying lunch/snacks  (you should know what works best for yourself by now) 
  • Water bottle
  • All your ski -related equipment and race-day clothing/uniform

ARRIVE at Kenwood at 6:45am.  LOAD Bus and depart at 7:00am 

KNOW  the course (as the original map shows- see link below).  KNOW Your bib number and start time. 


9:30 Girls Classic 5k 

10:00 Boys Classic 5k 

Break 1:00

Girls pursuit skate 1:30

Boys pursuit skate 

Classic Start: 2 skiers go out every 15 seconds.

Skate Start:   “Pursuit” start.

Bus and Team Camp:  Buses are not able to park or stay at Wirth. The designated drop off is at the golf club house. Teams will be able to use the Trailhead building to camp and warm up.  (bus parking at the beach parking area)

Volunteers: Prior Lake is the official host for this race, but we need all teams to supply a volunteer course monitor and a coach course monitor for this event.


Poles:  Skiers classic pole length must be  legal for this race and sections. Top of shoulder height (83% height) 

Wax: Fluoro wax (expect powders) are legal for conference and section races.  (We did this)

Course Map:

Weather Forecast: 


Bib  Skier  Grade

11 Grace Eddy 9 

12 Grete Engels 10

13 Brianne Brewster 12 Lakeville

14 Annika Emerson 12

15 Ellyn Engels  8

16  Ella Raiche 8

17 Katherine Moening 11

18 Victoria Johnson 9

19 Elsie Dahnert 9


Bib Skier Grade

11 Ben Drangstveit 12

12 Wyatt Hall 12

13 Hayden Zoll 9

14 Doug Swenson 12

15 Aiden Regan 12 injured

16 Eli Pickit 12

17 Rowan Hall 9

18 Mark Dawson 12

19 Karl David 11

20  Ian Tessier 10

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