GETTING MOTIVATED, GETTING EDUCATED and GETTING BETTER AS A SKIER!!  There are over 100 free videos/films available from the xczonetv Youtube channel listed below (and a few others). All of our premiere films/videos are available for download online video streaming for less than $10 each, many in high definition.


Classic Skiing: Fundamental Body Position has been posted to DartFish TV (COE TV)

Here is a link to on-snow Skate skiing Fundamental Body position.

Here is a link to a rough video of on snow classic stride drills.
It is a takeoff from the Dryland classic drills.

Here is a link to
Locked and loaded with hop
1st is New double pole with suggestion (couldn’t find piece of pole position change for terrain)

2nd Bath room Scale Drill

3rd Locked n Loaded

Sports for Life – Long Term Athlete Development LTAD

The Ultimate Skiing Showdown HD 

 2010 Gatineau World Loppet 30k 50k classic
 2010 National Capital Race 10km
 A beginner lesson from learn to nordic ski
 A game you can play nordic skiing – funny – version 4
 Advanced Nordic Skiing Technique
 CANSI Ski Your Best
 Coolest Base Jumping Video Team FX
 coupe skinouk 2010
 Cross County Skiing World Cup Canmore Alberta
 Emilie’s Run (Short Version)
 Emilie’s Run 2010
 Escrime canadienne
 exercise in zero G – motionlab in space part 1
 exercise in zero G – motionlab in space part 2
 Fast and Female Clinic at Camp Fortune, April 2010
 Fast and Female Slide
 Fundamentals of cross country skiing technique
 Gatineau Loppet
 Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau
 Grand Prix Cycliste Gatineau 2011
 grandpre2011 clip
 in the lab sequence 2009 web
 kids having fun on and off skis
 Kids on Skis
 MotionLab – for those who love outdoor sports
 motionlabHD – The Treadmill Training System
 National Capital Marathon, Ottawa, Canada
 New Nordic Ski Walking
 NORAM cross country skiing
 Nordic Ski Technique
 nordic skiing stunts HD – fun
 Nordic Skiing Technique – Classic – Step Double Poll
 Nordic Skiing Technique – Double Poling
 Nordic Skiing Technique – Ski Skating – Offset – V1
 Nordic Skiing Technique – Ski Skating – One Skate Double Pole – V2
 Nordic Skiing Technique – Ski Skating – Two Skate Double Poll – V2 alternate
 Nordic Skiing Technique – Traditional Style – Diagonal Stride
 nordic skiing training secrets for high-performance sport Part 1
 nordic skiing training secrets for high-performance sport Part 2
 nordix course safety testing 02 april 2010 Camp Fortune
 nordix mashup
 on snow – a film about xc skiing
 PreOlympics xczonetv
 quick diagonal stride demo
 quick double polling demo
 quick herringbone demo
 quick marathon skate turn
 quick offset demo
 quick one skate demo
 quick step double poll demo
 quick two skate demo (aka USA V2 alternate)
 ski muggle – version 1 – send in the clown – funny
 ski muggle – version 2 – funny
 ski muggle in disguise – version 3 – funny
 South Pole Quest
 Sports for Life – Long Term Athlete Development LTAD
 Spring Cross Country Skiing on Frozen Ponds, Gatineau Park
 The Ultimate Skiing Showdown HD
 unlimited technique Nordic Skiing
8 minute run lesson
Trail Running HD

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