1. Practice begins at 3:15 p.m.
  2. If you are not at school by 11:00am the day of a meet you are not eligible to ski that day’s competition.
  3. Inform coaches when you will be absent, 24 hour minimum advance notice policy.
  4. If you miss a weekday practice, you will be expected to attend Saturday practice as a make-up. Saturday practices are required for varsity, encouraged for non-varsity but are required if a weekday is missed.


  1. BRING a positive attitude– ready for practice and on time each and every day.
  2. LEAVE all distractions behind you. Focus on your team and yourself to be a better skier and athlete.
  3. SLEEP at least 8 hours every night. Yes way.
  4. EAT an athlete’s diet— rich in fresh vegetables, fruits and grains as the majority of your intake. Plenty of lean red meats. Greatly minimize simple sugars and processed foods.
  5. SUPPORT your teammates and follow the direction of your coaches and captains.
  6. STAY hydrated (100 ounces of water a day—yes, that much)
  7. PLAN your day to be ready the practices – all workouts have great importance.
  8. PREPARE ahead of time- school work is important, but emergencies are almost always avoidable with proper planning. Don’t procrastinate.
  9. DEMONSTRATE sportsmanship – congratulate, praise and support each other and all of your competitors. The encouragement will come back to you!!
  10. SHARE your experiences laughter and sense of humor–it is the best ingredient!


To be considered for a letter you must:

  1. Be a 7-12th grade student.
  2. Attend all practices and meets (unless absence is due to illness or absences are excuse ahead of time by a coach).
  3. Place in the top 10 for your team in 50% or more of all regular season meets OR
  4. Make the Section Meet roster OR
  5. Finish in the top 10 for your team at the conference championships meet OR
  6. Make all-conference or all-conference honorable mention.


  1. Hat and earmuffs/headband
  2. Gloves or mittens/lobster mitts (two pairs, so one will always be dry)
  3. Running shoes and indoor workout clothes (for indoor strength training /dryland)
  4. Light weight or medium weight ski socks (Like Smartwool or Darn tough).
  5. Outer shell- unlined, vented wind jacket and pants. Tights can work as a first or second layer.
  6. Polypropylene or underarmour-type underwear top and bottom.
  7. Poles, 1 classic, 1 skate or 1 combi
  8. Skis, 1 classic, 1 skate or 1 combi
  9. Boots, 1 classic, 1 skate or 1 combi
  10. Waxing: We will hold a “wax demo” and will give you more on this during the season.
  11. We will furnish classical ‘kick” wax for meets and all glide wax for qualifying races.

**think layers for warmth not thickness



  1. Cost–approx. 200.00*. 3 days, 2 nights. – checks to Lakeville Nordic Booster Club.
  2. A limited number may go on this trip. Upper grades will get priority, and students who have shown serious effort, are in good physical condition, have good basic ski technique, have paid all fees and have forms in by the deadlines, would also be considered. * cost dependent upon the current bus costs and # of participants

Always remember, you are an important part of the entire team regardless of ability or experience! You are always representing your team, on and off the snow, in and out of school. Be the best you can be and have a great season!

 Sincerely, Your Coaches

 Rich Heilman, Lindsay Drangeid, John Colby, Olivia Bagnall and Matt Nelson