2020 Mesabi East-Giant’s Ridge Invite, January 4

All Results

Link to complete Photoset From Dave Zoll

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Results: Classic at Valleywood, Jan 2, 2020

Boys and Girls Varsity 5.5K

Boys and Girls JV 5.3K

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JV Results 5.3k Classic Valleywood, Jan 2, 2020

Boys and Girls JV Results

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2019 Winter Break Ski Trip at the ABR and Birkie Trails!

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Meet Results: Folder


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SSC Relay Meet Results 12-12-19

Boys Varsity

Boys JV

Girls Varsity

Girls JV

Lakeville Results with splits

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Week of Dec 9th-15th

We are beginning a very “busy” part of the season when we need the help of parents to make things “run”  and the schedule for the skiers becomes more involved.  Please, check the ‘Signup Genius” and add yourself to the events that need your help. We have a total of 30  skiers (who look great out there!!) of 10 girls and 20 boys, the Middle School ski team starts tomorrow!!  (currently at 17 skiers) coached by our fifth year returning Lakeville Nordic coach Olivia Bagnall-Melhorn. Woo hoo! 

News to note: We have a great 2k ski course set up at Kenwood!  Although “thin” snow, coverage is complete and the coaches have put a lot of man hours into grooming it and shoveling over the bare/thin spots to keep it in good shape.  We look forward to more snow tonight and will send out a “cry for help” for future shoveling and grooming needs as they arise. -We have a Team Wax Room!  Located at Kenwood Middle School. We will set up and begin our first “Wax Clinic” on Tuesday after practice.  – Skiers are LOOKING GREAT! It never ceases to amaze me how much the returning veterans improve and how their leadership and hard work have paid off! I am very optimistic about the season ahead- we have an incredibly dedicated and passionate team of leaders.  Not to mention, our ROOKIES are learning to ski and ready to race by Thursday no doubt!  11 rookies of the 30 skiers, these guys and girls are always ready for more and eager to learn to get better, it’s a coaching dream to have such an energetic and enthusiastic crew of new athletes on board!- Cold weather ahead!  Skiers will need to be sure to have good headwear (a hat) and ideally a Buff (Facemasks and neck gaiters/scarves are suffocating). Gloves are OK for warm-handed people but mitts or lobster mitts are much better. Cold-handed people should consider the hand warmer packets.  Wind jackets are great but “puffy” jackets or insulated jackets are not good for skiing, maybe for 10 -15 min warm up but after that, they turn into sweat bags and freeze.- Ski ties and Ski bags are really important!  Caring for and keeping equipment organized is critical.  With 34 skiers (counting coaches) there are at least 68 pairs of skis that we keep track of and organize and take care of. They all look the same (more or less), so  bag and a name on the bag and ski ties to keep them “paired” and protected is really important.

We NEED PARENT DRIVERS to SIGN UP (SignUpGenius)  for Saturday 12/14 and 12/21. (see details below about the Fundraiser information) 

Events this week

Monday: Skiers have a 3.5 K ‘Time Trial” skate skiing. This a 2 loops around our Kenwood course, simulating a race effort for pre-meet preparation for this week’s meet. 

Tuesday: This is an easier effort “recovery’ ski and drills, assuming the 3 inches of snow we’re supposed to get- classic skiing at Kenwood.  This was the original Meet date but has been changed to Thursday, location TBD (likely Valleywood GC in Apple Valley) WAX CLINIC at Kenwood after practice- 4:30-5:30pm

Wednesday: Fundraising “KICK -OFF” meeting for IMPACT BLITZ FUNDRAISING event with Alex from 3:15-3:30.  Short practice outdoors 3:40-4:20.  Speedwork “Starts” and “Tag-offs” practice. Skate skiing.  tentatively- Pasta Dinner at Kenwood to follow (4:30-6:00) along with glide waxing as needed.

Thursday: Meet  3 x 3k Skate at (tentatively) Valleywood 3:00 pm   Back-up Wirth Park. Varsity: 3 skiers per team, mass start, 3k (approx) each skier 3 teams max per school. JV – 3K mass start race, girls then boys. Tentative start times contingent on location.  3:00pm or 3:30 pm first event.  

Friday: Fun-day ski and games. Classic. Possibly post-race Lakeville skier videos…

Saturday: Ski at Hyland 8:00-10:00am Classic and Skate.  11:00-4:00 BLITZ Event for Fundraising. Need parent drivers – 3-4 skiers per car. Specific maps / zones and routes for each driver provided by Impact leader Alex.

Fundraising Information:  For many years, we had multiple fundraising events throughout the season. These included “Bagging” groceries at Cub, selling Pointsettias, selling chocolate and Coffee, doing summer race aid-station volunteering. Beginning 3 years ago, we added a “booster fee” like almost all sports have, to attempt to avoid fundraising events and have get the funds we need to keep things afloat.Here’s a list of just some of the things we need money for that is NOT covered by district funds (as with all sports in Lakeville schools) 

  • Return Busing for non-conference meets. (we get more paid for than most programs due to the fact that we “split” between North and South)
  • Practice busing (any time we go on a bus to Hyland to ski for practice) 
  • Ski waxes, wax irons, wax benches, weax scrapers, etc…
  • Grooming snowmobile gasoline, oil, repairs, tune-ups, etc.
  • End of season awards and basic banquet items
  • Volunteer coaches/parent ski passes 
  • Rental Skis and Poles – (the rental fees are less than the cost as well as the upkeep and repair of them)
  • Rollerskis
  • Team helicopter for last minute trips to snow glaciers in the summer or far away races on a short time-line (ok, kidding)

All in all,  fundraisers  aren’t “fun” I agree, but better than Booster Fees. Given that choice, I have found that kids benefit more and appreciate more of what they have when they “earn it” themselves rather than mom/dad forking out another check.  Also, the opportunity for good income here is excellent and the return on time investment is excellent. The “Impact Fundraising” program and product excellent- it is an unlimited use discount/coupon card for both large franchise vendors  (i.e Subway, Quiznos, McDonalds, Speedway, Kwik Trip, Big O Auto, Valvoline Oil) as well as local vendors (hoping for Northern Tap House, B52’s, DQ, Water Werks, Hometown Auto, Christian Brothers Auto, Toppers  to name a few) to make it well worth the $20.00 cost.Best of all, the earnings will go directly as individual credit (each skier gets back every dollar they earn)  towards (choice):  (1)  the new team race jackets (skier will keep for themselves)  or (2) Money towards their winter break ski trip  or (3)  team warm-up pants to keep.    This incentive gives the kids direct personal gain, plus the fundraising organizer Alex  additionally provides (1) a pizza dinner for all (2) a cash-grab bag incentive and  ( 3) an Apple iPad to everyone who sell 50 cards or more.  Sales begin with a 3-4 day family and friends window before the “Blitz” day, followed up with our Blitz” days. Estimated amount raised ranges from $2500-4000.00To do this, we need some parent drivers with  2 to 4 skiers per car.  Each group gets a specific “zone” to cover and go door to door in that neighborhood.  We can have some senior skiers as drivers too. We need parent drivers to help out from 11:00-4:00 pm on Sat Dec 14 and Sat Dec 21. We have 30 skiers total so that means approx 5 parent drivers are needed! Please, See our SIGNUP GENIUS to find ways that you can help out! Race Day food, Pasta Dinners, Driving, etc.. to name a few.   

Rentals/Rental Fees: We purchased a brand new fleet of Atomic Skintec Classic skis and swix racing poles for our rental program. This was a tremendous deal provided by both Gear West and FinnSisu ski shops.  We we able to outfit all of our rookies who needed as well as repair/replace a number of older skis that were done. Over 12 pair of skis w/bindings and poles.Those who are renting, please be sure to bring your check (75.00 for each set of skis/poles) payable to Lakeville Nordic Boosters if you have not done so already. 

Winter Break Ski Trip:We currently have 13 skiers who have said they are able to attend the Winter break Ski Trip.  We have room for up to 20. If there are any skiers who wish to attend and have some conflicts that require some compromising (drop off/ early departure arrangements, etc..) we could work that out. Please see our website for the full page on the Ski Trip and Itinerary and Packing/ costs, etc.. for details. The RSVP is on the skiers’ Group Message account. 
Stay tuned for upcoming changes and announcements! 

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Week of Dec 2 – Dec 8

Hello All,

No doubt, the “switch” from fall to winter came quickly and the practices and meet schedule, as well as the change in equipment needs came rapidly. And, as we approach our winter break ski trip as well as our team fundraiser and a few early season meets, there are a number of things that need your attention and participation as parents to make things work out well! Your help and support never goes unnoticed or unappreciated, the skiers (and the coaches) are very grateful and thankful for anything that make our programs the best they can be! 

Here is the list of important items and events to note for this week:

Ski Passes will be available this week. Reminder!!! Any skiers who have not turned in their 37.50 (cash or check to Lakeville Nordic Boosters) please do so ASAP to receive their Three Rivers Parks Season pass! Turn in to your coaches.

Equipment–  Many skiers are still in need of a few equipment items- either for purchase or rent. If renting, priority goes to rookie skiers and the cost is 75.00 per set of poles and skis.  Cash or Checks payable to Lakeville Nordic Boosters. All skiers need their own boots.  SKI BAGS and SKI TIES are required for HS skiers, Please have them! 

Meets- This week we had a “Conference Mixed Relays” scrimmage meet scheduled for Tuesday which will be rescheduled or cancelled.) . Although this may seem strange after all the new-fallen snow, but the ability to groom it and prepare a race course in such a quick turn-around poses a problem for the parks.. Hyland is unable to accommodate,  Cleary is too soft and Valleywood is too thin on the windblown stretches. Switching the day to another weekday poses  conflicts to other previously scheduled events and the high volume of ski meet demand on the courses.

Fundraising – We will be doing a  Blast Fundraiser on 12/14. We need parent drivers! 3 skiers per carload. Drivers needed from 10:00-3:00  The amount the skiers will go towards their Elite Borah custom team warm-up jacket, or  (by choice) money towards their winter break ski trip.   This gives incentive to the skiers to get direct personal gain -plus the fundraising organizer additionally provides pizza party afterwards and a cash-grab bag incentive, as well as an iPad to those who sell 50 cards or more. We do the selling as “blast” days. Burnsville Nordic  did it last week with 24 skiers and raised 3,000. Cards are unlimited use for 1 year. Local businesses with unique discounts unavailable elsewhere.


Monday: Ski practice at Kenwood!  Grooming proved to be very successful! Our home course looks great and the snow coverage is  very solid. “A” skis can be used, no problem.

Tuesday: Relay Meet cancelled. 3:00pm-5:30pm . Skate ski practice at Kenwood- intervals for returning skiers, skills and drills for our new skiers.  Strength Training to follow in Kenwood Fitness Center.

Wednesday: 3:15- 4:45 Classic ski practice at Kenwood. Stride no-pole, double pole. 4:45-5:15 Plyometrics.

Thursday:  3:00-5:00pm Skate ski Kenwood. Speedwork. Strength Training.

Friday:  3:00 Bus (pick up Kenwood)  to Hyland.  Classic practice 3:15-4:45pm.  Return Kenwood 5:30pm

Saturday: Practice 8:00-9:30 Tentatively Hyland (backup pending Cleary Lake Park approval)

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Ski Mail for the week of 11-25-19

Hello Lakeville Nordic skiers and skier families!

At this time, we do not have all of your most recent up-to-date contact information yet, so we’re using what we have right now to reach out to you. Please let us know if your contact info has changed and please direct this to anyone who should need this information. Quite a bit of important news here- please read through carefully!
The 2019-20 season is off to a great start!  Both our returning veterans and the new, enthusiastic rookies are giving their best efforts in the early “in-betweener” part of the season;  between dryland practice and on-snow practicing. The forecast looks positive as a good dose of natural snow in this week’s forecast and if not, the man-made snow facilities are open for us.

Ski Passes:  Our Three Rivers Parks Season Passes will arrive tomorrow. We get these for 1/2 price as a team.  This allows the skiers to ski at any of the Three Rivers Parks locations as long as there is snow throughout the season at Hyland, Cleary, Murphy-Hanrehan, Elm Creek, Baker Park, French Park, and many more. For skiers to receive their pass, please send cash or check for 37.50 with your skier this week to practice- checks payable to Lakeville Nordic Boosters.

Holiday Week Schedule: Nov 25- Dec 1

Mon, Nov 25- Rollerski/Run cardio training;  followed by Strength Training, core and  plyos, Kenwood Fitness Center

Tue Nov 26- Rollerski or Run Event: Cleary Lake. experienced rollerskiers can rollerski the 5k, others who wish can run 5k. Alternative: Dryland  training at Kenwood Intervals workout. Transportation to Cleary Lake Park is on your own/carpool- meet there at 3:15. First event at 3:45. Be sure to bring your Equipment home!! School will be locked all break!

Wed, Nov 27 – On-snow practice at Hyland Lake Park Reserve 10:00am-11:30am. meet outside of visitor center at 10:00-11:30pm. Skate. Skate drills and technique, followed by over-distance ski. Those who cannot attend, complete 60 minutes of continuous cardio training and core strength circuit.

Thu, Nov 28- Happy Thanksgiving!  Turkey Run or Ski on your own

Fri, Nov 29 Ski at Hyland 10:00-11:30am 

Sat, Nov 30– Ski at Hyland (or Kenwood if enough snow and grooming is possible) 9:00-10:30am (This may be moved up to 7:30-9:00 am due to wet forecast!)

Sun, Dec 1 – off day

Volunteering: Help out this season! Please sign up/visit the SignUp Genius for the list of ways you can help out. These jobs are extremely important, we cannot stress this more. Included are:  Driving for Fundraising Blast, providing team race-day snacks, volunteers for our “host” day meets, team pasta dinners and more.

Equipment: Rookies are the first eligible for rental equipment, we have classical skis and poles. Skate skis are limited in size and availability, but we do have some available. Renting 1 pair of skis and 1 pair of poles for 75.00. An additional pair of poles is 25.00.  An additional pair of skis is 50.00.  Checks payable to Lakeville Nordic Boosters. All skiers will need their own boots. We strongly recommend NNN/Prolink binding compatible  Combi or skiathlon boots (able to be used for both classic and skate skiing). Ultimately, all  skiers need at least 1 pair of combi boots, 1 pair or classic skis and classic poles, 1 pair of skate skis and skate poles.  Our team receives a tremendous discount and service from Gear West Ski Shop and we highly recommend this if you need anything. The selection and service will be geared towards the high school skier needs and budget. Packages are available. 

Winter Break Ski Trip:  December 26-28. Ironwood Michigan! Tons of skiing, tons of snow, tons of fun! Itinerary, costs and more details HERE 

Fundraising Events Ahead! We will have the following events to raise funds for extra practice/return busing, team ski waxing/equipment, rental equipment and team poster funding. “Impact Sales Blitzes” coupon card- unlimited use/year. Skiers  will earn their personalized elite team  jacket (to keep) a 150.00 value, earning rewards/prizes (like an Ipad)  and pizza party following the event.  
Chipotle- eat for the team eventTheresa’s eat for the team event.

Team Uniforms: NEW  for 2019-20!  “Lakeville Nordic”  for our newly formed North/South Co-op teams! 
Team Apparel Orders: The team members/captains will be providing the information for the team Apparel order soon! Stay tuned. Order forms will be provided or an on-line link.
Ski you soon!
Coach Heilman

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Practice Saturday, 11-23-19 8:00am at Hyland!

You are on the “team list” at Three Rivers Parks under “Lakeville Nordic“ so you do not need to buy a pass. We will be receiving them in the mail on Monday.

Meet at 8:00am at the Hyland Park Reserve Visitor Center. Ski or pole run will be the options. If you do not have all the necessary equipment yet, no worries – either pole run or if you want, they do rent skis-poles-boots at Hyland. We will be done at 9:30 or shortly after.
Skate or classical ski, your choice.
NOTE: BEFORE we can provide you with your ski pass, please bring your CHECK or CASH for 37.50 payable to Lakeville Nordic Boosters and give to a coach. We pre-purchased the passes for 1/2 price at the start of the season.

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